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P.L. | WLVRNS Documentary

In association with WLVRNS Music and Traxside Recording Studios, #PleaseDontChange and WriteReel presents WLVRNS: The Documentary. Directors, Drew Padgorski & Jeff Keene provide an in depth look into the creating process of P.L.’s #WLVRNS mixtape. Go behind the scenes into the recording studio, P.L.’s hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan and more.

P.L.’s #WLVRNS project is due out July 2nd, 2014.

P.L. – “Pull Up” (#WLVRNSWednesday)

“Pull Up is the 4th leak from WLVRNS. It’s produced by Michigan’s own, Young Heat and is definitely a record to be reckoned with. It features an uptempo drum kit, lead sounds that seem to swing from each speaker and lyrics that crescendo into the ultimate summer record.”

P.L. – “Off The Bench” (#WLVRNSWednesday)

The 3rd official leak from P.L.’s WLVRNS mixtape, is “Off The Bench” (Prod. By Young Heat). It’s an uptempo, lyrical outlash, that seems to increase in intensity as you listen on. P.L.’s wordplay and delivery switch up every few bars and he seemingly never runs out of breath. This will definitely be a pic for one of the standout tracks from WLVRNS by many.

P.L. – Quick (#WLVRNSWednesday)

“Quick is the first single and 2nd leak released from WLVRNS (prod. by Bruce Almighty and PC). It’s a high energy record, with enormous drums and a crowd rocking chorus. P.L. describes in detail why he’s quicker than the average. They rhyme pattern is infectious and one listen will leave you replaying the song and reciting the words along with P.L.”.